Aliexpress (全球速賣通) 支援的付款方式

根據 Aliexpress (全球速賣通) 付款說明文件/網頁,Aliexpress 平台支援一般的信用卡Visa/MasterCard, Maestro, American Express,Western Union (西聯),但不支援Paypal。詳細內容請參考底下文件。

  • 1. 當下單時,請選擇信用卡當作支付工具,選擇Visa or Master,輸入到期日、卡 號等,完成付款。
  • 2. 付款完之後,款項會暫時由 AliExpress Escrow(阿里巴巴的外國支付寶)等待您收到商品,確認沒有問題,由您在會員區按下確認按鈕,款項才會撥給店家。
  • 3. 付款後,按下 “Back to Order Details” (返回察看訂單詳細內容),確認訂單狀態。
How do I pay with my credit card?
• When placing your order, select the credit card you wish to pay with and you will be directed to a secure payment page. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.
• Pay Securely Select the credit card you want to use, enter the required details and click "Pay My Order".
Once your payment has been approved, your money will be held securely in an AliExpress Escrow account. Payment will only be released to the supplier after you confirm satisfactory delivery. After you've made your payment, click “Back to Order Details” to see the details of your order.